What is Crooked Spur Farm?

We are a family owned & operated farm based in Millboro Springs, VA. We produce healthy alternatives to store-bought syrups & grain products and would love to get our goods in the homes of as many families as possible so everyone can see the benefits of homemade food.

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  • We Hand Make Everything

    You can be sure that the syrup you are drizzling on your morning stack of pancakes beside a bowl of hot buttery grits was made by hand with a passion to get wholesome and nutritious food into your family's hands with a taste that is unrivaled.

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  • Family Owned & Operated

    We are a small family business that wants to grow by making products that we have a passion and love for. We do not cut corners and we are not mediocre. This is not a big box store and we only make and sell the very best, which you will taste in every bite of the food products you order from us.

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  • We Support Those that Serve

    10% of all clothing sale proceeds will go to support local & worldwide disaster relief, "hands-on" missions, and other volunteer organizations that are busy doing the Lord's work. If you do not want syrup or cornmeal, it's okay - this is a great way to still support the mission we are trying to accomplish and also represent our brand and share with others. There is also a donation option in the checkout so you can contribute however much you would like.

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