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Hickory Tea Tin

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If you like our Hickory Syrup, then you will love our Hickory Tea. Made from the same hickory bark that our syrup is made from, you will find a robust tea that will remind you of campfire roasted marshmallows when paired with your favorite sweetener. This makes an excellent relaxing bedtime tea, as it is caffein free, and it will not jack you up, allowing you to get your much needed rest.  Hickory tea was even used by the Cherokee as an herbal medicine for arthritis.

Our Hickory Tea Kit includes 2.5 oz. of ground Roasted Hickory Bark with tin with 3 reusable Muslin Tea Bags.

Directions: Place 2 to 3 teaspoons of ground hickory bark into reusable tea bag, depending how strong you like your tea, and pull strings tight. Do not tie. Place boiling water and tea bag into your favorite mug. Let steep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bag and dress your hickory tea in your favorite sweeteners and creams that you would normally use.

***The included muslin tea bags can be reused many times if properly taken care of. Once tea bag has been removed from tea and cooled, turn bag inside out and dump contents. Rinse under running water to clean. Turn right side out and hang to dry for in between uses. Do not store wet.