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We support many different organizations that serve our and other communities. Learn more on the Charities We Support page on our website.

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Carpenters for Christ

Through local projects and yearly mission trips, men from all walks of life, who have made new through Christ, donate their time to assist other Christians in constructing church buildings to the Glory of God for churches in pioneer areas that can afford the materials, but not the labor, for much needed facilities to perform the Lord's work.

This is not how most people choose to spend their summer vacation - in a town that's not their own, building a church that's not their own. Framing, decking, and roofing the building, installing heating, air and ventilation, electrical work, and occasionally putting up sheet rock; Carpenters for Christ is a missions oriented group sharing the love of Jesus Christ by helping churches reach out to the community.

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SBC Disaster Relief

The SBC Disaster Relief act as the hands and feet of Jesus by loving those in life-altering situations. Disaster Relief teams enter the door God opens through disaster and minister to impacted families by meeting immediate physical and spiritual needs while sharing the love of Christ.

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Local Volunteer Emergency Services - Bath County, VA

Millboro Volunteer Fire Association and Millboro Area Rescue Squad are 100% volunteer run organizations that provide much needed emergency assistance to the remote ares of Millboro and its surrounding communities.

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