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Burr-Ground Grits - 16oz

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Our coarse, burr-ground Grits are made from whole kernel Bloody Butcher Corn that is grown here on the farm and purchased from organic suppliers. It has a robust and complex taste and texture that you will not find in white or yellow corn. This is equivalent to stone ground grits except we use steel burrs instead in our grinding process. We run our mill at low speeds to minimize heat therefore preserving taste and nutrition. For absolute freshness, store in freezer until ready to use.

Bloody Butcher Corn is a heritage, open-pollinated, non-GMO crimson red dent corn that was introduced to the settlers in Virginia by the Native Americans in the 1800s.  The ground corn is white with dark red flecks throughout, like blood splatters on a white butcher’s apron, thus the name “Bloody Butcher”.

Pair these grits with your favorite method of making them - butter, salt & pepper, cheese, bacon, or probably anything else you can think of - and you will have a hearty breakfast that will stick to your ribs so you can take on the rest of your day. It also makes great shrimp and grits or grit cakes from your breakfast leftovers. This product is also Gluten Free.

See our recipe page for ideas on how you can use our products!