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Burr-Ground Cornmeal Breader - 16oz

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Our Cornmeal Breader is made from our burr-ground whole kernel Bloody Butcher Cornmeal, White Flour, and a perfect mixture of our special blend of herbs and spices.  This full flavor breader will produce a crispy texture that finishes dry and not greasy. With this breader you will have your friends and family licking their lips and fingers while begging for more. 

Bloody Butcher Corn is a heritage, open-pollinated, non-GMO crimson red dent corn that was introduced to the settlers in Virginia by the Native Americans in the 1800s.  The ground corn is white with dark red flecks throughout, like blood splatters on a white butcher’s apron, thus the name “Bloody Butcher”.

This Breader can be used to fry your new favorite recipe of chicken, fish, or pork. Also makes great fried oysters.

See our recipe page for directions on how to use this breader!